I Purchased Google Cash Detective!

What a great marketing campaign that was! Chris Carpenter, the creator of Google Cash Detective, has made several videos in which he shows profitable PPC campaigns that can easily be cloned to make money right away with Adwords. His blog was buzzing with activity in the past few days, and many people just want to get their hands on his product!

EDIT: GCD is now closed.

The PPC game has changed, and if you want an edge, THE edge, you will want to get this amazing tool right now while you still can!

Google Cash Detective is a piece of software that enables members to spy on their Pay-Per-Click competition. With a few clicks, they can uncover profitable keywords that have been running for many days or even months, and see the corresponding Adwords ad(s), landing page or merchant URL, average cost per click, etc.

The main feature that I was interested in was the uncovering of profitable direct linking campaigns. With this software, you can enter a Clickbank affiliate URL, for example, and replace the affiliate ID with an asterisk while keeping the publisher ID and the rest of the URL. This will return results showing every single affiliate that is currently using a direct linking campaign for this Clickbank product. The results will show the ad(s) the affiliate is using, the keywords, the period the combination of ads and keywords has been used, the average position the Adwords ads are shown in, etc. Lots of useful information to help the user copy the campaign into his or her own Adwords account and start making money right of the bat in a matter of minutes using a successful direct linking campaign.

The best thing is you can see at first glance if it’s a successful campaign! So you can pick only the ones that are making money for the affiliate!

Now, if you have ever bought a course that showed you that in order to make money with Adwords, and to make Google happy, you had to build a landing page and make it part of a comprehensive website with at least 20 to 30 articles to improve your quality score, I know you’re thinking right now that making easy cash with direct linking campaigns has got to be paradise. The dream! Good money with almost no effort!!!

EDIT: Direct Linking Campaigns are no longer allowed.

However, if you want to put your hands on this little gem of a software, you’d better be quick! The sales page is now live, and only a limited number of people will be allowed to get in. So go there right now and reserve your spot! See you on the inside!!!


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