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TrafficZipper is a great new tool that allows members to send all their safelist emails from a single location. This saves time and increases their traffic. But that’s not all. Here is a sample of what TrafficZipper offers:

  • Single login to many safelists and traffic exchanges (no need to manually login to each site separately)
  • Send one email to all the listed safelists at once (no need to configure your email to fit each safelist criteria (such as the **FirstName** tag), it’s all done for you automatically)
  • Assign credits to your sites in traffic exchanges from a single location; you can also edit your sites, banners and text ads from the TrafficZipper members area as well
  • You also get a Site Rotator and a Banner Rotator
  • You don’t have to login to each site to update their downline builders; you simply add your IDs on a single page in the TrafficZipper member’s area and they will propagate to each of the traffic exchanges downline builders – this is a huge time saver!
  • And much more!

Plus you’ll be earning a nice 50% commission on every referral you make for every month they stay a member (recurring income).

I’ve been dreaming of a tool like TrafficZipper for quite some time, and it’s everything I imagined it would be! The time saving is unbelievable.

Since this is a new tool, the price is quite low for such a comprehensive tool, and if you get in now, you will lock in your low price for as long as you remain a member. But it gets even better: For a limited time, I will give you back $10 per month for six whole months when you sign up under me for the Elite membership (or $5/month for six months if you choose the Pro membership)! So you can really get TrafficZipper for less! Act now before I change my mind!
(Sorry, this offer has now expired!)

Here is what you need to do to get this great deal:

1. Clear your cookies and sign up for TrafficZipper through this link:

Click Here to Join TrafficZipper Now!

(Sorry, this offer has now expired!)

Make sure it says that you were referred by Lucie Bellemare on the registration page.

2. Send me a message through my help desk with your full name, your Paypal email address, your TrafficZipper username and the membership type you selected (Pro or Elite). Click here to access my help desk.

3. When I get paid my commission, I will send you a payment through Paypal according to the membership type you choose ($5 for Pro or $10 for Elite).

4. You need to remain a member to receive your cash back for the full six months (you will only get cash back for the months where you are a member and where I receive a commission for your membership).

For example, if you are a member for one month, I will give you back $10 for that month, if you are a member for two months, I will give you back $10/month for these two months, etc.

5. Optional Step: I recommend you sign up to my blog mailing list (in the upper right hand corner of this page) to keep updated about this offer.

That’s it! Just give TrafficZipper a chance, and you will see how much time you will save! And don’t forget, this is a limited time offer, I don’t know how much longer it will be available, so act now before I come to my senses!


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