You May Be Inactive At AutopilotDownlines

First of all, I want to extend my best wishes to you for the New Year! I hope 2014 proves to be a great year for all of us!

There are a couple things I would like to talk about in this post. First, there is a new site that just launched that explains how to use the trackers in It is free to join and you will find it here:

Click Here to Visit TrackeryMe

It contains a series of videos that explain several of the features. Tracking is a must if you want to weed out the good from the bad and focus on the sources that are giving you the most signups. I’ve been personally using for more than a year, and it is great!

NOTE: The rest of this post is no longer relevant, as AutopilotDownlines has been shut down in February 2015.

Now for the Inactive part in the title of this post! For most programs, when you join, you get your referral URL and you choose if you want to promote it or not. Many times, you will find those programs in the downline builders in other programs, so naturally you insert your IDs in those downline builders in the hopes of getting referrals.

There is a program, however, that has a little downside, if I may say it that way. If you joined AutopilotDownlines in the past (which is a great downline builder, by the way!), but have not clicked on any of the links in the emails you received since you joined, you are most probably inactive.

The owner has set up this program so that any inactive members stop receiving referrals. These referrals instead are joining the programs under the owner. So if you have entered your AutopilotDownlines ID in other downline builders, you may want to make sure you remain active so that you can get the referrals that you should receive from your promotion efforts.

It is easy to do. All you have to do to remain active is click on the “Click HERE” yellow button in the Stats email that you receive every Friday, which has this title: “Friday tracking stats from Autopilot Downlines!”

When you click on that button, you can also click on the red “back office” link to get your referral URL on the next page, where you can also click on the yellow “Edit All” link to sign up to the programs that you don’t already belong to and enter all of your missing IDs.

By clicking on the button in the weekly email each Friday, you will ensure that you remain active in AutopilotDownlines so that you can keep any referrals that you are entitled to. 🙂


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