ViralFollowers Explodes Twitter Followers Count

You probably have heard of Twitter by now. If not, Twitter is a micro-blogging application or website that let’s you post Tweets (short messages) of a maximum length of 140 characters. At first glance, it may seem that there isn’t much to it, but this tool can be very powerful and viral.

Here is how Twitter works:

  • You join Twitter.
  • You start following a few people.
  • The messages they post on their page automatically appear on your homepage, so you only have one page to monitor.
  • You reply to some of the tweets that the people you are following post on their page.
  • Their followers start to notice your replies, get interested and start following you.
  • You start posting Tweets on your Twitter page.
  • Your new followers click on the links included in your tweets and visit your website or affiliate website.

You can get some good results from Twitter. But as with anything, it is a numbers game. The more followers you have, the more success you will achieve.

There are some cool tools that can help you get more followers faster. For example:

ViralFollowers: This viral system is 100% free, and you don’t even need to give them your email address to start using it. As a bonus, you can promote another program and build your downline in that program.

The way it works is that, upon joining, you simply have to tweet a message in your Twitter account, and once you do, you will automatically start following 8 people. Some of them will follow you back. Then you promote your referral link, and each time someone joins under you, they start following you and 7 other people. They then start to promote their own link, with you in the #2 spot, and when people start following them, they also start following you. And so on for 7 levels! So your number of followers will increase rapidly. You will get more detailed information on the site.

Click here to visit ViralFollowers. [EDIT: This tool no longer exists.]

If you know of any other free viral Twitter systems, let me know by adding a comment below!


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