New Privacy, Disclaimer and Disclosure Statements

Well, I worked hard during the past few days to create a Privacy Policy, a Disclosure Statement and a Disclaimer for my blog. These three elements play a big part in making one’s blog compliant with legal requirements. I made a lot of research and I read several documents, tips and advice, and finally managed to create these three pages. It took more time than I expected, but I feel this was necessary and long overdue. I’m very happy with the results, so it was worth the effort.

I even found out how to remove the new page that contains these three elements from the top menu to put it in the footer instead. There was a field to that effect in the template’s options, and all I had to do was enter the page’s ID in that field and save it. The terms-of-use page instantly disappeared from the top menu, and I simply added three links manually to the footer afterwards, one for each section of the terms.

I already had a simple Disclaimer just above the footer at the bottom of the blog, but the new one is more detailed and, above all, more technical! I kept my old Disclaimer anyway as an added touch.

I also added an About Me page in the top menu. Well, I had created the page itself quite a while ago, but there was no text inside! I remedied this situation and crafted a little bio about my background. I also added my picture in the right panel of each post for extra branding, with a link to my new About Me page. 🙂

In addition, I created a Contact Form page so that visitors to my blog can contact me if they have any questions. I installed the Contact Form 7 plugin, which is very easy to use. The owner of this plugin offers lots of tips and information on his website. It was a very interesting read, and I implemented the reCaptcha feature after reading the instructions on his site.

So to summarize, I added the following new pages this week: a Privacy Policy, a Disclaimer, a Disclosure Statement, a Contact Form and an About Me page.

And now that all these technicalities have been taken care of, you should see more blogging from me from now on!

What about you? Is your blog all set with these important pages? Feel free to comment below!


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