How To Create Labels in Gmail

If you are like me, you belong to many traffic exchanges (TEs) and safelists. Most TE owners like to send an email every day to encourage members to surf and to communicate the latest program news. As for safelists, you know how many thousands of emails we can get each day! 😀

Solution #1

To avoid getting swamped by emails in your main inbox, you can create a new Gmail address that you will use only for TEs, and another one (or more) that you will be using for safelists. This way, your main email account will stay cleaner.

Solution #2

However, if you are already receiving many emails in your main Gmail account and you don’t want to go through the hassle of changing your email in many programs, here is what you can do to clean up your inbox.

You can easily create labels in Gmail so that emails coming from TEs and safelists go in their own label and stop cluttering your inbox. (You’re using another email provider? Why?)

To do that, open one email that you would prefer not seeing in your inbox (for example, let’s say a credit email for BuildMyDownlines). Scroll down and copy the credit link (the link you would click on to get credits for reading the email). Copy the link, but stop just before the code. This will often be just after the ? before the code, but in this case, stop just after m/, like this:

BuildMyDownlines credit link in an email

Then, beside the Reply button, there is a down arrow that says More when you hover your mouse over it. Click on that arrow to open the drop-down menu and select Filter messages like this. There you can specify the criteria you’d like to use for determining what to do with a message as it arrives. By default, the sender email will already be filled in. You can remove that email, and then paste the partial link in the field where it says Has the words. You can leave the other fields empty, and click on the Create filter with this search » link.

Gmail - Create filter with this search

(Note: If the credit link is not visible in the email because it is hidden in the link sentence, or if the email that you want to apply a label to is not a credit email, you can use the sender email as your filter criteria.)

Next (see screenshot below), check the Skip the Inbox (Archive it) box and the Apply the label: box, and select the label you would like to apply. In our example, the label would be BuildMyDownlines. If it doesn’t yet exist, you can create it by clicking on New Label in the drop-down menu. If you have already created it, just select it in the drop-down menu.

You can even choose to Nest label under: another label. So you could create a master label called Safelists and nest all the safelists under that label. To nest a label under another one, select this option when you create a new label.

When you have checked your 2 boxes (Skip the Inbox (Archive it) and Apply the label:), you can also check the box called Also apply filter to XXX matching conversations. This will archive all the conversations corresponding to your new label. Then click on the Create Filter button, and all the conversations that contain the link that you copied will be moved to your new label and out of your inbox. And the future emails that match your new filter will also be moved to that label automatically. This will clear your inbox to leave only important messages in there. When you want to see emails coming from a specific program, you can simply click on the appropriate label in the left menu.

Gmail - Apply the label

Some safelists, like ListImpact, among others, and also BuildMyDownlines, which was our example above, have an option that you can select in your Account Settings to read your credit emails on-site instead of having them sent to your email address. I wish more safelists had this option. How easy safelist marketing would become!

I invite you to post your comments below about the Gmail label feature.


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Do This Next Time You Surf at TezakTrafficPower

You may already know this, but when you log in to TezakTrafficPower, you should immediately click on the Winners tab in the left menu. You will then be able to collect 10 credits, just for logging in every day. It will then tell you that your next goal is to surf 50 pages. When you have done that, you can come back to the Winners page and collect your next prize. You will then see the next goal you need to accomplish in order to get your next prize, and so on.

If you prefer to surf without interruption, you can go back to the Winners page after your surfing session is over and collect all your earned prizes. 🙂

TezakTrafficPower is a very effective TE, and you should be using it
on a regular basis!


PS: Step 1 of my very effective 8-step system is over here!



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Tons of Promo Codes at TrafficCodex

Everybody loves freebies, right! Well, this site that has just launched has tons of promo codes that you can redeem for all kinds of traffic. It is called TrafficCodex:

Click Here to Join TrafficCodex

TrafficCodex is in fact a new version of ViralBonuses. If you were previously a member of ViralBonuses, your account and referrals have been transferred to the new TrafficCodex site, so you can login with your old ViralBonuses login details. Plus, your old ViralBonuses referral link automatically redirects to the new version of the site.

There are several promo codes available on the new TrafficCodex site, with more to come. New sites are added daily. The design is well thought-out and the site is easy to navigate. Once you have logged in, simply click on the little square icon to the right of the Login button in the top right corner, and the entire menu will appear.

You will find promo codes for traffic exchanges as well as for safelists and mailers. You can even install a browser extension for Firefox or Chrome to be alerted when you visit a website that has promo codes on TrafficCodex, which is pretty cool! When you click on the alert icon, you will instantly be shown a list of all of the promo codes that are available for that site. You can then copy and redeem the codes to get your free advertising!

The site also serves as a downline builder, since you can add your referral IDs for all the sites. People you refer to TrafficCodex can then join under you at any site where they are not already a member. If you are a program owner, you can easily add your site to the list, along with any promo codes that you want to offer your members through TrafficCodex. The site is free to join, so go ahead and redeem as many promo codes as you can!


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I am giving a badge in the CTPis3 Badge Hunt!

If you have been a member of ClickTrackProfit for some time, you have probably witnessed a couple of the past badge hunts. If you have not experienced such an event yet, fear not: they are having one right now! This is quite exciting!

Yes, ClickTrackProfit is 3 and they are having a badge hunt to celebrate.

The way it works is that you go to the Badge Hunt page, click on each badge and follow the instructions of the badge owners to get their badge.

For some badges, you will have to surf a certain amount of pages in a traffic exchange. For other badges, you will have to join a program. For others, you will have to join their mailing list.

That is what I’m doing for this badge hunt. I have purchased my badge and I will be offering it to the people who join my list during the badge hunt.

The badge hunt will be running until the end of February. The person at the end of the hunt who has the most badges will win $500. That’s pretty cool! Plus, they will be giving away $1000 in 50-cent badges randomly each time a game piece is found. This means that every time you collect a CTP-Is-3 badge during the hunt, you could get a 50-cent badge in addition!

If you are not yet a member of ClickTrackProfit, you can join here:

To receive my CTPis3 badge, all you have to do is join my mailing list. You will receive the badge in the second email you will get after confirming your subscription. The first thing I will show you is the system that I have been using for 4 years now to build my list, grow my downlines and my traffic and increase my commissions. As you keep using this system, it grows bigger and bigger. You will also receive some valuable stuff over time, so you might want to stick around!

You can join my list by clicking here. (If you are already on my list, you will receive my badge on Monday February 10th!)

I want to thank you for joining my list. It is an honor and I hope I will live up to your expectations of quality information. 🙂

Please don’t hesitate to ask me if you have any questions, and feel free to post your comments below!

Happy badge hunting!


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Traffic Exchanges with the Best Results

If you are surfing traffic exchanges without tracking your results, you’re probably wasting credits and time.

Personally, I’m using to track my results. This tool allows you to easily track your click-throughs or your signups, or both, even for third-party pages that you don’t own. You can see the results for today, yesterday, last 7 days, last 30 days or all-time. You can even set a custom date range.

The results I am showing you below are for the traffic exchanges that provided the biggest amount of signups for the number of hits sent to this squeeze page for the last three months (SU/hits %). gives me a column with the hits, a column with the signups, and a third column with the SU/hits ratio for each traffic exchange.

Traffic exchanges that gave me the best signup ratio in the last three months:

Source                                   Hits     SU       SU/hits

1. DeepSpaceTraffic____________ 339      5          1.47

2. 3x6surf________________________ 94        1          1.06

3. ThumbVu______________________ 595      6          1.01

4. Sweeva_______________________ 4547    29        0.638

5. TrafficDelivers________________ 186      1          0.538

6. Lords-of-Traffic______________ 426      2          0.469

7. FreeTrafficLotto______________ 232      1          0.431

8. GradeATraffic________________ 471      2          0.425

9. ClickVoyager_________________ 2124    9          0.423

10. TrafficBunnies_______________ 247      1          0.405

11. ListSurfing____________________ 285      1          0.351

12. EasyHits4U__________________ 612      2          0.327

13. HitsBoosterPro______________ 2083    6          0.288

14. RoyalSurf_____________________ 1053    3          0.285

15. TrafficPunk___________________ 375      1          0.267

16. Hit2Hit________________________ 3125    8          0.256

17. SwatTraffic___________________ 780      2          0.256

18. TrafficHeroes________________ 795      2          0.252

19. Soaring4Traffic______________ 852      2          0.235

20. WebBizInsider_______________ 852      2          0.235

21. HitSafari_____________________ 894      2          0.224

22. FarmTraffic__________________ 963      2          0.208

23. TrafficTaxis__________________ 3478    7          0.201

24. TezakTrafficPower___________ 1708    3          0.176

25. iLoveHits_____________________ 3742    6          0.16

26. Traffic-Splash_________________ 3766    6          0.159

27. High-Hits_____________________ 2728    4          0.147

28. WebCentreSurf_______________ 702      1          0.142

29. StartXChange_________________ 4351    6          0.138

30. Blue-Surf______________________ 3708    5          0.135

31. ShineLight-Traffic____________ 773      1          0.129

32. DragonSurf___________________ 834      1          0.12

33. TrafficWitch__________________ 926      1          0.108

34. SplashPageSurfer____________ 966      1          0.104

35. TrafficGoldRush______________ 1010    1          0.099

36. FastEasyTraffic_______________ 1100    1          0.0909

37. PromoLotto__________________ 1241    1          .0.0806

38. TrafficWonderland__________ 1411    1          0.0709

39. FreeTrafficWorld____________ 9567    6          0.0627

40. TrafficShowDown____________ 3391    2          0.059


Obviously, some TEs received less hits than others, but the interesting part is the signup ratio. This gives me a good indication of where I should be surfing: at TEs that produce the most signups per hits!

So, each day before I begin surfing, I log into to check which TEs are high on the list. I then compare these with TECommandPost, which lets me know how many Unassigned and Assigned credits I have at each TE. If I see that one of the TEs listed on has a lot of Unassigned and/or Assigned credits, I go to the next one on the list, and so on, until I have selected all the TEs I want to surf during my session.

It’s good to know where your hits and signups are coming from!

Don’t hesitate to comment on these results in the comments section below!


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