I am giving a badge in the CTPis3 Badge Hunt!

If you have been a member of ClickTrackProfit for some time, you have probably witnessed a couple of the past badge hunts. If you have not experienced such an event yet, fear not: they are having one right now! This is quite exciting!

Yes, ClickTrackProfit is 3 and they are having a badge hunt to celebrate.

The way it works is that you go to the Badge Hunt page, click on each badge and follow the instructions of the badge owners to get their badge.

For some badges, you will have to surf a certain amount of pages in a traffic exchange. For other badges, you will have to join a program. For others, you will have to join their mailing list.

That is what I’m doing for this badge hunt. I have purchased my badge and I will be offering it to the people who join my list during the badge hunt.

The badge hunt will be running until the end of February. The person at the end of the hunt who has the most badges will win $500. That’s pretty cool! Plus, they will be giving away $1000 in 50-cent badges randomly each time a game piece is found. This means that every time you collect a CTP-Is-3 badge during the hunt, you could get a 50-cent badge in addition!

If you are not yet a member of ClickTrackProfit, you can join here:

To receive my CTPis3 badge, all you have to do is join my mailing list. You will receive the badge in the second email you will get after confirming your subscription. The first thing I will show you is the system that I have been using for 4 years now to build my list, grow my downlines and my traffic and increase my commissions. As you keep using this system, it grows bigger and bigger. You will also receive some valuable stuff over time, so you might want to stick around!

You can join my list by clicking here. (If you are already on my list, you will receive my badge on Monday February 10th!)

I want to thank you for joining my list. It is an honor and I hope I will live up to your expectations of quality information. ūüôā

Please don’t hesitate to ask me if you have any questions, and feel free to post your comments below!

Happy badge hunting!


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Get to the Higher Level of Affiliate Commissions

Today, I want to let you know about a very cool system that I started to work on recently. This program could help you get to the next level in affiliate commissions.

Click Here To Start Your Chain Reaction

You know how I love step-by-step systems.¬†I’ve been using one¬†for 4 years now to build my list, my downlines, my traffic¬†and my commissions by leveraging traffic exchanges and safelists.¬†And it is working very well.

But I wanted to take it to the next level, a higher level of¬†commissions. I wanted to¬†build my income faster. I didn’t know¬†how to go about it, apart from working more, or buying more¬†traffic in the TEs and safelists. Or waiting for the scaling effect¬†to take place over time. Or getting higher commissions from the same effort.

I have now found just the way to do it.

This program will show you how you can go about getting higher commissions. For example, if you promote a $10 product and you get a 50% commission, that is one thing. If you promote a $50 product and you get a 50% commission, that is better. If you promote a $100 product and get a 50% commission, that is even better. And it is possible to do all three with the same amount of effort. You might think, yes, but maybe I will get less customers. That is possible, since the price is higher, but to get the same profits, you need less customers when you promote a higher-priced product. That is what this is about.

I invite you to visit this page to find out more:

Click Here To Start Your Chain Reaction

I’m sure you will find it interesting.
Don’t hesitate to ask me¬†if you have any questions!


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You May Be Inactive At AutopilotDownlines

First of all, I want to extend my best wishes to you for the New Year! I hope 2014 proves to be a great year for all of us!

There are a couple things I would like to talk about in this post. First, there is a new site that just launched that explains how to use the trackers in Trck.me. It is free to join and you will find it here:

Click Here to Visit TrackeryMe

It contains a series of videos that explain several of the features.¬†Tracking is a must if you want to weed out the good from the bad¬†and focus on the sources that are giving you the most signups.¬†I’ve been personally using¬†Trck.me¬†for more than a year, and¬†it is great!

NOTE: The rest of this post is no longer relevant, as AutopilotDownlines has been shut down in February 2015.

Now for the Inactive part in the title of this post! For most programs, when you join, you get your referral URL and you choose if you want to promote it or not. Many times, you will find those programs in the downline builders in other programs, so naturally you insert your IDs in those downline builders in the hopes of getting referrals.

There is a program, however, that has a little downside, if I may say it that way. If you joined AutopilotDownlines in the past (which is a great downline builder, by the way!), but have not clicked on any of the links in the emails you received since you joined, you are most probably inactive.

The owner has set up this program so that any inactive members stop receiving referrals. These referrals instead are joining the programs under the owner. So if you have entered your AutopilotDownlines ID in other downline builders, you may want to make sure you remain active so that you can get the referrals that you should receive from your promotion efforts.

It is easy to do.¬†All you have to do to remain active¬†is¬†click on the “Click HERE” yellow button in the Stats email¬†that you receive every Friday, which has this title:¬†“Friday tracking stats from Autopilot Downlines!”

When you click on that button, you can also click on the¬†red “back office” link to get your referral URL on the next page,¬†where you can also click on the yellow “Edit All” link to sign up¬†to the programs that you don’t already belong to and enter all of your missing IDs.

By clicking on the button in the weekly email each Friday,¬†you will ensure that you remain active in AutopilotDownlines¬†so that you can keep any referrals that you are entitled to. ūüôā


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I Won a Silver PriceBenders Auction at SFI

As you may already know, I’m an affiliate with SFI, which is one of the most solid online businesses you can have today! It has a great track record of 16 years, and they are constantly improving the program to help affiliates be successful.

One of the components of SFI is their online store, TripleClicks, where you can buy and/or sell new and used items and win stuff at up to 95% off by bidding in PriceBenders Auctions. Many items are auctioned each day, such at electronics (Apple iPad Mini, Samsung phones, tablets, etc.), silver bars and coins, DVDs, watches, gift cards, etc. And of course various SFI products such as bundles of affiliates and TCredits.

Well, I just wanted to let you know that I won an auction last Friday night! It was a busy week, so I didn’t have the time to write about it until now. ūüôā

I won a Silver76Pack–Silver Bar (1 Ounce) + 75 TCredits for $1.94, and I only needed 39 bids to win! I should bid more often! LOL! So I ended up with more Tcredits after I finished bidding than before I started. Very cool!

My strategy was simple: I set a goal of 200 bids to see what would happen. I was in a good position right from the start, as people let my bid go down nearly to zero before making another bid. After a while, nobody made a bid and I won the auction.

All the auctions are not the same, and sometimes, there are people who use the autobid feature, or there are two or more people who make bid after bid in the hopes of making the others quit. I guess when that happens, it may be better to take a wait and see approach, while other times it’s a good thing to be more aggressive. Also, remember that luck plays a part in any auction. In any case, there are cool items to be won by those who bid!

Feel free to post your comments or your questions below!


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Bringing My Blog Back To Life

Wow! Three years already! My last blog post was on October 14, 2010. An eternity!

So many things happened since then. When I started this blog, I was trying PPC (pay-per-click) on Google Adwords. Not anymore. I was using VitalViralPro to track my results, while I’m now using Trck.me instead. I tried many different things, programs, courses, etc., with poor results. But I am a lot more focused now in my promotions. I’m concentrating my efforts on traffic exchanges and safelists, and while I’m promoting a wide range of products, they are mainly integrated into a very effective system that produces great results. So all I have to do is promote one link, and I’m building downlines in several programs all at once, while building my list at the same time. And the best thing is that my downline can also use the same system to help them build their downlines as well!

I wanted to start blogging again but was always putting it back. Well, I have now refreshed the content around my blog posts and I hope that I will be disciplined enough to publish regularly from now on. Feel free to post your comments below! And I’m using the CommentLuv plugin, so your last post title will accompany your comments! (provided you have a blog, of course!)


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Get Your Own Tracker and Banner Rotator Here

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(Also, the views expressed here are correct to the best of my knowledge on the day they were posted on this blog.)