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If you are doing any type of business online, the most important tool that you need is an autoresponder. What, I hear you say! Isn’t it more important to have a website? Maybe. But you don’t need a fancy looking, graphics-enhanced, slow-loading website to make a killing online. All you need is a short form where you can send your prospects to have them signup to your newsletter or follow-up series.

If you really want that fancy looking, graphics-enhanced, slow-loading website, you will still need to put an autoresponder lead capture form on every page to grab your visitor’s attention and get them to join your mailing list. Once they do, you can market to them over and over, and get them to come back to your site, for as long as they remain subscribers!

Or you can get a blog like this one and use an autoresponder form like the one in the upper right corner. This way, your visitors can join your list to receive an email each time your blog is updated with a new post!

Here is how autoresponders can help you:

1. You are selling a product or service online or offline.

2. You send your prospective clients to a form (lead capture page) that you set up using your autoresponder.

3. Your prospects fill out the form in order to receive your information and/or a bonus or special offer.

4. You have your prospect’s contact information and their permission to send them information via email.

5. Your autoresponder automatically begins sending them messages from the follow-up series that you have previously set up.

6. You start making sales.

Right! Good idea! Now, where can I find the best autoresponder to fit my needs, you ask? I will suggest three good autoresponders:




All three have great tools and great services. Their prices are somewhat similar, so you have to look at the features to make your decision.

My recommendation is TrafficWave.

TrafficWave offers everything you need for a low monthly price. Here is what you will get with your membership:

  • Unlimited autoresponders
  • Unlimited subscribers
  • Unlimited banner advertising
  • Unlimited AdTracker URLs (to see how many people clicked on your links)
  • Unlimited hosted lead capture pages (so you don’t need a website!)
  • An online reminder service
  • A commission structure that will make your mouth water
  • Step by step tutorials that will walk you through everything
  • And even more!

You will even get a free 30-day trial from TrafficWave! Once you try their services, you will see how easy it is to set up your autoresponders, and you will wonder how you ever managed to do business without them in the past!


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